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Michael Vick's Real Life "Longest Yard" Moment

No word on whether Vick's team was called the Mean Machine...
No word on whether Vick's team was called the Mean Machine...

Peter King is just a wealth of interesting info for Eagles fans today... He's got a pretty amazing account of Michael Vick's real life "Longest Yard" moment while in Leavenworth prison. How this story did not surface over the past two years is almost beyond comprehension.

From the moment Vick stepped into Leavenworth, the other inmates started badgering him to play a game of football with them, but he was never interested. In fact, he went a full year without even touching a football. Then, with 8 months left on his sentence, he finally agreed to play. His team won 42-14.

The inmates split into two seven-on-seven teams for a game of flag football. Vick offered to play quarterback for both teams, but that was turned down; a slew of guys wanted the chance to say they were on a team that beat Michael Vick. Alas, the Vick side won in a rout; he said he thought he threw maybe six or seven incompletions. "All my guys wanted to do was go deep,'' he said. I asked him if he was sacked at all. "Once,'' he said. To which Tony Dungy, listening in, said: "Sign that guy up.''

Like I said, I'm amazed that Michael Vick was quarterbacking a prison football team and no one knew about it until now. King also has some good stuff about Vick's visit to speak with prisoners. At this point, I just find it hard to see how people could doubt his sincerity. He's not out there doing the glossy, shake a few hands, sign some autographs type "community service" work. He was in this prison talking to guys in solitary confinement. There's no cameras there or transcripts of what was said. He's just trying to help people and give those guys some hope. I'm proud of him to be honest.

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