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Report: Michael Vick To Sign Franchise Tender Today

The Inquirer's Jeff McLane is reporting that Michael Vick will sign his franchise tender today. The tag will guarantee Vick will be in Philadelphia for next year and will be paid the average of the top 5 QB salaries in the NFL, which is expected to be in the range of $16 million. The Eagles are also free to work out a long term deal with Vick whenever the new CBA gets done. 

This is of course, all contingent on the franchise tag still existing or being valid when that new CBA gets done. Although once he signs it, I suppose it is then a contract and maybe the CBA won't affect it. The current agreement expires tomorrow so who knows how this whole mess will shake out, but Vick signing the tender is certainly a sign that he wants to be here and it's probably likely the team will look to get something longer term done once the labor situation is figured out.

David Akers on the other hand, has refused to sign his tender. His agent contends that the tags will be invalid when the CBA expires anyway.

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