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The Linc - Jim Washburn's Wide Nine

The Philadelphia Eagles As Members Of The Philadelphia Union [PART 2] - Brotherly Game
Yesterday I looked at several Eagles players who have attributes of soccer players. In this post, I take those players and put them in a tactical formation.

Kolb's value and the market | Philly | 03/18/2011
The argument for holding on to Kolb is that Michael Vick will likely have trouble staying healthy for an entire season, and that's true. Earlier this offseason, I outlined how the next two years could provide the Eagles a good opportunity to get to the Super Bowl, if they improve defensively. But are they really going to turn down a potential first-round pick - perhaps a defensive player that could have an instant impact - because they want insurance with their backup quarterback? I dont' see it.

Steve Sabol to undergo treatment for brain tumor | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/19/2011
NFL Films president Steve Sabol will undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatment after doctors discovered a tumor on the left side of his brain.

Washburn Instilling "Wide Nine" Philosophy With Eagles DEs
Philadelphia Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn is starting to impress his "wide nine" philosophy on the team’s defensive ends.  BGN members d-jackfan10 and DSmith215 also did a great job detailing Washburn's scheme, here and here.

Redskins' biggest weakness: QB - NFC East Blog - ESPN
The Redskins' quarterback situation is a nightmare. I am assuming that Donovan McNabb will be elsewhere in 2011. Rex Grossman has a place in this league, but his erratic nature makes him too difficult to count on as a week-to-week starter at such an important position. Grossman is also a pending free agent, although returning to Washington seems like a natural fit. It isn’t a re-signing that I would object to.

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