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NFL Lockout: Chargers LB Kevin Burnett Doesn't Seem To Like Roger Goodell

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Before the labor talks broke down, it was nice that at least the two sides were able to be civil. They at least were respectful to one another... Not anymore. While the owners are saying the right things(in public that is), the players are just pissed. Chargers' LB Kevin Burnett was on a sports station in San Diego and just unloaded on commissioner Roger Goodell.

"Goodell's full of it. He's a liar. You're a blatant liar. ‘It's our league, it's we, we love the players, we want the league,' but what have you done for the players? What have you done, in all honesty, to improve the game, besides fine guys, besides take money away from guys, besides change a game that you've never played? ... He's done nothing to improve the game."

As he continued to speak, I really wondered how much he knows about the actual labor dispute. He mostly just seems upset about fines for guys who get in trouble.

"Because they suspend players outside of playing football. Is that their responsibility? No. They want us to be upstanding citizens, but if you want us to be upstanding citizens, you have to understand your role as well. In my contract, it says nothing about me being an upstanding citizen. ... That's what bothers me."

Actually there usually are clauses in NFL contracts that specify things a guy can and can't do, and there's certainly such clauses in the collective bargaining agreement. Either way, I think Burnett's outburst does seem to represent the amount of acrimony on the part of the players. Even if they don't all get the core issues of the dispute, they really don't like the commish... Check out the full interview on SRI.