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Greatest Football Movie Of All Time Tourney: The Blindside Vs Any Given Sunday

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There's still a couple hours left to vote in the previous sweet 16 matchup between The Longest Yard and The Waterboy, which is currently being led by the Waterboy with 54% of the vote. Today's matchup features a #1 vs a #4 seed.

#1 seed The Blindside easily moved past Paper Lion to secure its place in the sweet 16. I'm sure you're all aware of "The Blind Side" at this point starring Sandra Bullock, who won an Oscar for her role. It tells the story of real life NFL player Michael Oher.

#4 Any Given Sunday is a film directed by Oliver Stone starring Al Pacino which depicts a fictional pro football team. It's an extreme depiction of the NFL lifestyle with players throwing crazy parties, drug use, inflated egos, crazy owners... It also features the acting stylings of Lawrence Taylor.