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Redskins Ask Washington Post To Stop Using The Name "Redskins"

The Washington Redskins have asked the Washington Post to stop using the name Redskins in the title of their Redskins blog, "Redskins Insider." Not because it's a derogatory name against Native Americans or anything... but because the WaPo hasn't paid up.

For many years, the "Redskins" name was used freely in the titles of local sports highlight shows on TV and radio. No longer. The team put an end to the practice several year ago, now only permitting "authorized" uses of its name

The Redskins recently asked The Washington Post to rename the newspaper’s video webcast and blog about the team, which was called "Redskins Insider," according to people who have knowledge of the circumstances. The team had used the name "Redskins Insider" first, and The Post agreed to switch to "Football Insider."

In the article, Dan Steinberg refers to them as "Washington Football Team." The story also notes that Comcast Sportsnet is the official TV network of the Redskins and therefore has the exclusive rights to use the word "Redskins" in the title of their coverage. So not only is it not enough for a major media property to provide the Skins with free coverage on a daily basis, Dan Snyder would also like them to pay the team for the privilege. Of course, if Dan doesn't like your coverage... he'll sue you.

That said, I should note that the main reason the name of this blog doesn't include "Eagles" is because I felt like there was a chance the team would eventually ask me to change.

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