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Don't expect the Eagles to draft Colorado CB Jimmy Smith

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One of the popular names to continually pop up in Eagles mock drafts is Jimmy Smith, the very athletic, very talented CB with great size from Colorado.  PFT reported this morning that many teams have taken him off their board.  PFT noted the following in regard to the decision for many teams to take him off their boards:

Teams at the Combine reportedly didn't like that Smith didn't take responsibility for or directly address his issues in interviews.

We obviously aren't privy to the private conversations between Smith and various teams around the league, although we do have a transcript of his media interview from the combine.  Some of his answers are, ehhh... just read:

Height, weight, and agent:

Smith: 6'2 1/4, 211, Drew Rosenhaus.

Strike one.  I have to wonder if teams shy away from Rosenhaus clients at draft time.  Obviously, Rosenhaus has a long history of high-profile holdouts and pissing contests.  I wonder if a reason LeSean McCoy slipped to 53rd overall a few years back was because he was a Rosenhaus client.

On the comparisons between he and Nnamdi Asomugha:

"I like the comparison, he's a shutdown corner in the NFL. I mean, I like the comparison a lot. I think I have better ball skills than he does, though."

Confident or cocky?  Thin line there.  I personally don't have too much of a problem with this quote, but other personalities might.

On the off the field issues:

"All of the issues I'm talking to the teams about are not issues that really need to be out there."

OK, I understand.  Don't want to talk about your past with the media or a general audience?  That's fine.  But you can be damn well sure that a team that's considering handing you a multi-million dollar contract is going to expect answers.

On what he was telling them:

"I've told them I'm a great person. I was a young player who made young mistakes. But I grew as a person."

Drew, gotta coach him up better than this.

On his lack of interceptions during the 2010 season:

"I had one opportunity for an interception, a one-handed interception, I dropped it. After that I had like three passes thrown my way for the rest of the season."

If QB's only threw his way 4 times during the entire season, I'd be mightily impressed.  However, and let me preface this by saying I haven't watched game film of every Colorado defensive snap from the 2010 season, I find that very hard to believe.  Feel free to set me straight if my doubts on that are unwarranted.

On why he switched agents:

"It's not that Peter Schafer is not a good agent, I just didn't want him to represent me because he didn't do what needed to be done."

That's just an atrocious answer.

On what "needed to be done":

"I don't really want to bash him, I just felt like I needed a change and I made the switch."

Too late - You already said he did a bad job.

On what his arrest was all about:

"I got an MIP (minor in possession of alcohol) my true freshman year at training camp. I walked outside with a red cup that had nothing in it and you can't have a red cup in Boulder so I got caught for that. It was lack of judgment."


OK, so is it fair to have a fully-informed opinion of a guy based on a few shaky answers at the combine?  Absolutely not.  But he's two arrests deep for alcohol-related offenses, and he failed a drug test.  The Eagles under Andy Reid have always prioritized drafting "high character" people, particularly in the early rounds.  Despite the grave need for corner help, don't expect the Eagles to jump on Jimmy Smith, talented as he may be.


(h/t to WarGeist for the find on PFT)