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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Nate Solder To The Eagles

New, comments has released their latest NFL mock draft and we've actually got a little bit of a different pick for the Eagles this time around. It's a similar position, but a new name.

Philadelphia Eagles: Nate Solder, OT, Colorado. It's hard to ignore the offensive line issues Philly had in a disappointing close to the 2010 season. Solder does not have the strength to play right away for Andy Reid, but it's hard to imagine Reid not being enamored with Solder's physical talents.

Solder is an interesting prospect and one that does fit the mold of the Andy Reid type lineman in a lot of ways. He's got a big frame at 6-8/314 lbs and he's extremely athletic. In fact, he started as a blocking TE much like Jason Peters did. Scouting reports will talk about his good knee bend and footwork like they did with Winston Justice.

The big knock against him in this draft process is his lack of bulk. In fact, he lost 7 pounds between the combine and the pro day. Usually, teams are looking to see guys adding weight over that period. While Solder was probably the most impressive offensive lineman at the combine in the athletic drills like 40 yard dash, shuttle drill, broad jump ect, his raw strength did test particularly well. He pressed 225 pounds only 21 times. Just for reference, the 14th best offensive lineman at the combine pressed 28 times. The tape on Solder doesn't show him getting pushed around and he was a solid run blocker in college, but his bench press performance was disappointing.

The Eagles like powerful, strong lineman and it seems like they do put stock in combine performance. In fact, they've drafted guys with three of the top bench press performances in the last 10 years. Jeff Owens, DT, Georgia (2010): 44, Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Florida State (2006): 44, Scott Young, G, BYU (2005): 43