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2011 BGN Community Mock Draft Pick #13: The Detroit Lions

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With the thirteenth pick in the 2011 BGN Mock Draft, Kowalski selects...

Tyron Smith - OT, USC

The Lions are one of the most rapidly improving teams in the league, and its getting harder and harder to figure this was the same franchise that went for a 'perfect season' only two years ago. Now with Ndamukong Suh and Matthew Stafford, not to mention a few other pieces, things are starting to fall into place for a franchise used widely in the same breath as a joke.

However, not all the pieces are in place. Two in particular stand out - a top notch cornerback to build their secondary around AND a blindside tackle for Matt Stafford. With Prince and PP off the board, the choice becomes simple.

Tyron Smith was an extremely good tackle at USC, manhandling DEs despite his lack of size (for an OT) at 280-ish lbs. The main one that comes to mind is fellow first rounder Cameron Jordan, who Smith absolutely manhandled in their match up this year. At the combine, Smith bulked up to 300lbs, which put a lot of the concerns about his size to rest.

Smith plays with great leverage and great footwork. He has played primarily right tackle, but has more than enough potential to man the left side. When you consider the incompetency of Jeff Bacchus and the fact that Matt Stafford is made of glass, then you need someone like Smith guarding Stafford's blind side. Smith can also blow huge holes and lanes up for Jahvid Best and the rest of Detroit's running backs.

Put simply, Smith makes a lot of sense here, and if I was Detroit, I would be running my card down for this pick.
Next on the clock will be MidwesternEaglesFan with the St. Louis Rams.

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