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The Linc - At Least Jerry Jones Is Optimistic

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Jaws recalls 1982 strike: Could it happen to Eagles again? - Burlington County Times
"I believe this, and I’ll take it to my grave, the 1982 strike ruined the Philadelphia Eagles, (head coach) Dick Vermeil, (and owner) Leonard Tose," Jaworski said. "We were never the same team after that 57-day strike. Not even close to the same team."

NFL Lockout: Players File Class Action Lawsuit - SB Nation Philly
In response to the players’ de-certifying their union, the NFL owners have imposed a lockout officially starting the league’s first work stoppage in 24 years. The players have filed for an injunction to block the lockout and have brought a class action anti trust lawsuit against the NFL for what they call unfair business practices.

Subway Capitalizing On NFL Lockout Negotiations - From Our Editors -
The NFL and NFL Players Association have been holed up in the FMCS building in Washington D.C. for two weeks now and the optimism surrounding the talks seems to be dwindling. Reporters have been camped outside the building at 21st and K on a daily basis waiting for some kind of news. I imagine all that waiting makes those reporters hungry. Subway, never one to miss an advertising opportunity, has a solution for that

Offensive Slideshow Roundup... Comparing the Earthquake and Tsunami to Sports? - Philliedelphia
This was pretty horrible.

Jerry Jones Remains Optimistic - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
"I think the answer is we'll get it done," he said. "And getting it done means we won't miss any football. Certainly that's our goal. . . . Their route of litigation will ultimately result in negotiating (with the NFL again) in our view."