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The Linc - NFL Grinds To A Halt As Labor Talks Break Down

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Eagles players stand with union | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/12/2011
Center Mike McGlynn resents the dispute being characterized as a fight among the rich.

U.S. Chamber Statement on Decision of NFL Players Association to Decertify As a Union | U.S. Chamber of Commerce
"We are troubled by the decision of the NFL Players to decertify as a union so that they may litigate under the antitrust laws, with the prospect that once the litigation is over they will again claim they are a union. Gaming the labor laws and the antitrust laws offers a potentially disastrous model for labor-management relations in this country and raises serious questions of labor policy."

Judge Doty: NFL owners' best incentive to settle | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/11/2011
U.S. District Judge David S. Doty is the NFL's worst nightmare. He is the reason the owners haven't told the players to shove it.

Thankfully The Japanese Earthquake Puts The NFL Labor Dispute In Perspective - From Our Editors -
The earthquake in Japan gives sports writers the opportunity for sanctimony.

Brian Dawkins Talks About NFL Concussion Reality | Philly Sports Daily
Brian Dawkins can't count how many concussions he's had.


NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement News
NFL owners have locked out the players, signaling the start of the league's first work stoppage since 1987.

Subway Capitalizing On NFL Lockout Negotiations - From Our Editors -
The NFL and NFL Players Association have been holed up in the FMCS building in Washington D.C. for two weeks now and the optimism surrounding the talks seems to be dwindling. Reporters have been camped outside the building at 21st and K on a daily basis waiting for some kind of news. I imagine all that waiting makes those reporters hungry. Subway, never one to miss an advertising opportunity, has a solution for that