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NFL Lockout: Here's A Nice Representation Of How Things Have Been Going

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Wondering how the NFL's labor negotiations have been going today? Let's follow the twitter stream of Sports Business Journal reporter Daniel Kaplan. He tweeted this about 10 minutes ago.

BREAKING NEWS: nfl players are set leave negotiating and go to court to decertify, source in room says

Then about 5 minutes after that...

Now hearing may be one last ditch effort to avoid decertification. Things changing by the minute with less than an hr to go.

Give me a break with this already. At this point reporters down there are nothing more than pawns, reporting whatever the two sides want them to. One minute the players are walking out, only to re-think things the next. I wonder if the players stood up from the table and walked to the door really slow... It's comical.

Oh and now Chester Pitts didn't say what everyone says he said...