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"LOL Redskins"

Up-and-coming star Adam Carriker
Up-and-coming star Adam Carriker

BGN member "PhiladelphiaEagles" (that's his confusing screen name) has suggested on multiple occasions that BGN should have an entire section on this site called "LOL Redskins," dedicated solely to laughing at... you know... the Washington Redskins.

I think this one would qualify - ESPN has a series in which they're identifying a player on every team that's a "soon to be star."  For the Eagles it was LeSean McCoy (although I argue he's pretty much there already), the Giants had Jason Pierre-Paul, and the Cowboys had Sean Lee.

The Redskins?  Their young talent is so limited that they had to go with Adam Carriker, who turns 27 in May and is entering his 5th year in the league.  Love the first two lines of the writeup:

I have to be honest. I am reaching here.

LOL Redskins.

[Note by JimmyK, 03/11/11 3:27 PM EST ] - For all future LOLSkins entries... Click here.

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