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Greatest Football Movie Of All Time Tourney Round 1: Wildcats Vs Junction Boys

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In by far the biggest blowout of the first round of the BGN greatest football movie ever tournament, Rudy advanced past Backfield In Motion. This means we have reach the final matchup of the first round, so after today it's going to be some real heavyweights against one another. Today's matchup pits one of my personal favorites against another inspiring/based on a true story film.

Wildcats stars Goldie Hawn as the daughter of a football coach who leaves her cushy job as a girl's track coach at a rich prep school to coach an inner city football team. Also features a completely unexpected Goldie Hawn nude scene...

The Junction Boys tells the story of Bear Bryant's first summer as head football coach at Texas A&M. Bear takes his charges out onto the scorched plains and sees who survives.