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Winston Justice: "Only People Who Want 18 Games Are Those That Have Never Played ONE"

Les Bowen found some really good stuff from Eagles player rep Winston Justice about the NFL's proposed 18 game season, which the players appear to have rejected out of hand.

"The only people who want 18 games are those that have never played ONE," Justice said. "Walk a Monday in our bodies.

"There is no 'new equipment' or 'fines' that can get my knee better. I'll spend all offseason rehabbing because of one game, one play really."

Justice underwent knee surgery this offseason to clean out some tissue in his knee. The injury happened in a game against the Texans and clearly appeared to hamper his play for the rest of the year. His general point is undeniable. An NFL player is at risk of a major injury on every single play... So the more plays you play, the greater the chances you'll suffer a major injury. As Justice said, no new helmets or fines are going to prevent the type of injury he had, which is far more common than a guy getting a concussion because of a big hit. The NFL has appeared to equate player safety only with trying to prevent concussions. That's important, but it's hardly the only health issue players face. 

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