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Steelers Kick Off NFL's Rejection Of Tiki Barber

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As we found out earlier this week, Tiki Barber has decided to come out of retirement and attempt a comeback. He says it's because he misses the game, but most likely it's due to the fact he was fired from NBC and is too broke to pay his wife's divorce settlement.

Now comes the point where he subtly starts to flirt with certain teams. Apparently, he's under the impression that some Super Bowl contender will be clamoring for his services....

"There could be something down the line with Barber and the Steelers, according to two sources who stated that Barber would certainly be interested in restarting his career in Pittsburgh," Paul Schwartz wrote.

Of course, a Pittsburgh beat writer brought this to the Steelers and you can guess their response.

Despite report in NY, Steelers have no interest in Tiki.

It should come as no shock when the Steelers or any NFL team has no interest in a 36 year old RB who hasn't played in 4 years. RBs are really a dime a dozen these days and teams aren't going to be interested in a backup RB who doesn't play special teams, even if that guy isn't 36 and been out of the league. It's just hard to see how Tiki is going to find a job.

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