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2011 BGN Community Mock Draft Pick #10: Washington Redskins

With the 10th pick in the 2011 BGN Mock Draft JoeD selects...

Corey Liuget DT/NT, Illinois

In order to be successful in the next coming years the Redskins have to fill lots of holes -- like Wilt Chamberlin on
mega doses of Viagra lots of holes. I believe building a championship teams starts with a franchise QB, but I don't see that QB here at number 10 with Newton and Gabbert already off the board. The Skins can still get a guy here who can play and help build their team back to a respectable franchise (insert Dan Snyder joke).

The Skins recently picked up O.J. Otogwe which will help solidify the safety position which was absolutely a large
need. Although, I don't know why they paid a 30 year old to help build a team that may not be strong enough to
make a playoff run for 2-3+ years (insert another Dan Snyder joke).

This #10 pick is going to be a crucial one because in typical Redskins fashion, they traded away a portion of their
picks already, including a 4th rounder to us (Thanks Donny!). And like one Redskins fan stated "Have a monkey throw
darts at a wall with positions on it and that's the Redskins biggest need." In other words, besides TE and S, there are
needs everywhere. With that I mind, I decided to draft Fat Albert's replacement.

With the 10th pick of the draft, the Redskins select DT/NT Corey Liuget, Illinois

If AJ Green fell, it would've been a no brainer for the lack of skill players now that Moss is likely not to resign.
However, a good team is built with a good defense and a good defense starts up front, especially with the 3-4.

Corey Liuget is going to play a role the Redskins had hoped Albert Haynesworth would play. A guy who can take on
multiple blockers and still have the power and explosiveness to disrput plays in the backfield. In fact, NFL scouts
claim the sexiest appeal about Liuget's game IS his ability to penetrate and wreck havoc behind the line.

He's got good size, explosiveness, strength, plays the run well, and uses good leverage. He doesn't have the
speed to run a play down, but if he can help the running game and consistently get into the backfield the Redskins
have a quality DT they can base their 3-4 around.

NT isn't the sexy pick, and even if Liuget plays up to expectations of a high first round pick, the Reskins
still have a long road to building a contender. With that said, getting a player who can play NT
is a good start - especially if the Skins want to run a successful 3-4 and you know,
hold the Eagles under 50.

Previous picks: 1 - Nick Fairley, 2 - Patrick Peterson, 3 - Blaine Gabbert 4 - Cam Newton 5 - Von Miller 6 - Marcell Dareus 7 - Prince Amukamara 8 - A.J. Green 9 - Da'Quan Bowers

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