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Top Five Eagles 40 Yard Dash Times

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The defensive backs are working out today at the combine and those are usually the guys who run the fastest 40 yard dash times in Indy. In response to some of the crazy times being turned in today, the Eagles twitter account listed the five fastest combine times for current Eagles. The fastest guy should come as no surprise, but some of the others might.

1. DeSean Jackson - 4.35

2. Sinorice Moss - 4.38 (you may have forgot the Eagles picked him up)

3. Ellis Hobbs - 4.45

4. Jerome Harrison - 4.47

5. Jeremy Maclin - 4.48

There's a few guys who you're probably surprised to not see on the list. Michael Vick did not run the 40 at the combine. LeSean McCoy actually ran a disappointing 4.5 in Indy. Asante Samuel ran a 4.49.