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Eagles Secondary Coach Johnnie Lynn Explains It All

One of the standard questions all the Eagles assistants were asked today was about their defensive philosophy. By far the best answer came from new cornerbacks coach Johnnie Lynn, whose philosophy seems to be to... do all the normal stuff.

"Well you have to get after people. You have to be able to cover them, you have to be able to tackle, get guys down and open up to the challenges that we have. This is a great conference to play in. You have big receivers, you have to be able to climb trees and go get it, you have to be able to get them down when we have a chance to tackle those guys and pick the ball off."

That last sentence is glorious by the way. His explanation of his defensive philosophy is nearly as good as his description of how he came to be with the Eagles.

"Well, Juan got hired and then they gave me a call. Andy gave me a call, Juan gave me a call and we just talked about some things. I had an opportunity to come out here and got a flight out. I came out and talked and I'm here now."


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