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Mike Caldwell: "We're Going To Attack"

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The Eagles let loose six assistants on the media today, so the parade of what they had to say continues here on the blog. Next up is linebackers coach Mike Caldwell. He outlined his philosophy for the group.

"I think as a defensive unit, we're going to attack. We're going to attack up front, we're going to attack with the linebackers and the secondary. We're going to be an attacking defense like we've always been here. We're just going to reinstall that and just make sure we're out there flying around and making plays."

To be fair, I'm not sure there's a defensive coach at any level of football in history that didn't describe his philosophy as "attacking." It's almost as common as saying you're going to conform your system to the players' strengths... oh he's going to do that too? Sweet!

"I think good coaches use the strength of the players. Whatever the strength of a player is, you use that to his advantage. Whatever he does well you emphasize that and work on his weaknesses and let him go out there and play. They made it to this point for a reason. Now it's just our job to enhance it and get everyone out there playing fast."