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Mike Zordich Talks Changes In Eagles Secondary

Mike Zordich
Mike Zordich

While new Eagles secondary/safeties coach Mike Zordich has no say when it comes to personnel changes, he is very much involved in how the secondary will change how it plays... and from what he says, there will be change. At his introductory press conference, Juan Castillo said that a lot of what the defense will do is support what Jim Washburn is going with the front four. From what Mike Zordich says, that wasn't just lip service.

"Well, because of Jim Washburn, we've got to make some changes in coverage and secondary. As far as linebackers go, we have to do some things a little different and that's what we're trying to figure out. We're figuring out how we adjust to help Jim and those guys up front do their thing."

On how Washburn's attacking philosophy will affect the defensive backs?

"I think what it does is the defensive ends are more in an attack mode. They'll be not so much up field, but just that one end to the strongside is always going to be outside. We've got to adjust to that as far as our fits and our coverages. It's pieces to the puzzle and we all have to make sure that they fit right."

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