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Colts Jeff Saturday Says Howard Mudd Will Make An Immediate Impact On Eagles Offensive Line

The Eagles made arguably their most important "free agent" signing of the year when they brought in legendary offensive line coach Howard Mudd. His task will be to rebuild last year's porous offensive line into something resembling the dominant pass protecting group he led in Indianapolis for ten years. One member of that group, Jeff Saturday, told CSNPhilly that he expects Mudd to succeed.

"...the year before Howard came to the Colts, it was a couple years before I got here, we gave up like 60 sacks (actually 62). And then his first year in Indianapolis, we gave up about 20 (22). I fully expect the same thing to happen with the Eagles this year. He’ll make an immediate impact on that line. He specializes in solving problems. That’s what he likes to do. Face a challenge and find a way to solve it. I guarantee you one thing – the Eagles won’t give 50 sacks next year."

The story is full of great stuff from Saturday on how Mudd runs his line and his practices. He credits Mudd for turning him from an NFL washout working at an electrical supply company, into a multiple time pro bowler.

"One thing I’ll tell you about Howard’s practices – everybody in the stadium and anywhere near the field will hear Howard Mudd," Saturday said. "His voice is distinctive, and there’s going to be some profanity. He’ll be driving his guys every minute to be the best they can be. One thing he can’t tolerate is a guy who’s not putting in the time or the effort. I know my career would never have been anything like the way it’s been if it hadn’t been for him. He’ll work ‘em hard, and rest assured, the Eagles will have a better offensive line next year because of Howard."

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