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The Linc - How Valuable Is Kevin Kolb?

Kolb a Valuable Commodity in Today’s NFL — McNabb or Kolb | Philadelphia Eagles Blog
In today’s pass-happy NFL, having that elusive "Quarterback of the Future" is perhaps the biggest difference between haves and have-nots. The successful teams, the playoff teams, exhibit varying philosophies and talent disparities across the field, but all of them have a quarterback that they are counting on keeping for years to come.

Eagles: Drexel Hill connection behind Vick's return to top -
Michael Vick’s road to the Pro Bowl went through Drexel Hill. Almost lost in Vick’s huge 2010 season culminating in comeback player of the year honors was the tireless work of Eagles quarterbacks coach James Urban, a resident of the Aronimink section of the township. Urban worked overtime and then some, getting Vick ready to play each week. And on Tuesday Urban received another reward for those labors.

Didinger's Mailbag: Coaching questions
If, say, Winston Moss, Green Bay’s assistant head coach, blew them away in an interview, they could have hired him as defensive coordinator and made Castillo the linebacker coach. Castillo would have moved to the defensive side of the ball, which apparently he wanted, but without the immediate pressure of being the coordinator.

Dallas hands over the keys to Vick - NFC East Blog - ESPN
I've lived in North Texas most of my life and I'm just fine with Vick having a key to our community. Yes, it seems odd to honor a player from the Cowboys' most hated rival who was sent to prison for running an illegal dogfighting operation. But Vick now has a powerful message and he seems to be using his NFL platform to help reach out to kids across the country. It seems petty to complain this much about who gets a key to our city.

Gruden replacing Reid? Blame the Internet | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/08/2011
Gonzo wisely points out that the mainstream media is certainly not innocent when it comes to floating wildly untrue stories. Cough John Clayton, Jeff Fisher, Cough

Playing their own game, Eagles get defensive | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/09/2011
There was something absurdly wonderful, a tantalizing pot-and-kettle moment, when the Eagles got their beaks out of joint this week because someone said something that turned out to be, well, not exactly the truth.

Jason Reid - With his lawsuit against Washington City Paper, Daniel Snyder continues to put the Redskins in a negative light
With his lawsuit against Washington City Paper, Daniel Snyder continues to put the Redskins in a negative light

Four possible destinations for Donovan McNabb
Barring a labor negotiating disaster that keeps the NFL from having any sort of trading or free agency period this year, quarterback Donovan McNabb will be a very expensive one-year rental for the Washington Redskins. The price will end up being a 2010 second-round pick and a 2011 fourth-rounder for 13 games and 14 touchdown passes.

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