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Ken Whisenhunt Says Larry Fitzgerald Won't Be Picking Next Cardinals QB

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As we noted yesterday, if it were up to Larry Fitzgerald, Kevin Kolb would be the starting QB of the Arizona Cardinals next season. However, as his coach Ken Whisenhunt would like to remind us... It's not up to Larry.

"Larry is obviously not making the decisions," Whisenhunt said. "There's a lot of things that guys want that they don't necessarily get. That's why I have individual meetings with them to get their ideas. It would make sense to at least talk to some of your players."

I suspect that Whisenhunt felt the need to remind everyone that it wasn't Fitzgerald who would be picking the next Cards' QB to stem the tide of public opinion a bit. Again, as we noted yesterday, Kevin Kolb overwhelmingly won a poll on a local newspapers' website that asked Cards fans who their next QB should be. If Whisenhunt didn't downplay expectations somewhat, the momentum may have built to the point where the fans would expect a trade for Kolb. There's already local columnists beating the drum for a Kolb trade, some even advocating that the Cards trade the 5th pick.

If the Philadelphia Eagles want the fifth pick in the first round, they need to pull the trigger. If they need more, at the very least consider it. The message the move would send is more impactful than any player the team could draft at the spot. (See Levi Brown if you need convincing.)

Now if the Cardinals would only hire AZ Sports columnist Greg Esposito as GM...

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