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Larry Fitzgerald And Arizona Cardinals Fans Want Kevin Kolb

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Adam Schefter reported over the weekend that the Cardinals' WR Larry Fitzgerald said Kevin Kolb was his first choice to be Arizona's starting QB next year. In fact, Schefter said that he made this recommendation to Cardinals' management. Today, the Arizona Republic asked readers who they would like to see starting for the Cardinals next season and they picked Kolb as well. You can check out the full poll results after the jump, but Kolb won with 19.91% of the vote, beating out the #2 choice Donovan McNabb, who had %14.48 of the vote. Yes, Kolb has overtaken McNabb once again...

Cards fans love of Kolb is in stark contrast to the way Browns fans responded when they were asked whether they wanted Kolb as their starter. No doubt, the endorsement from their star WR helped sway the folks in Arizona.

In his earlier Kolb related opus, JimmyK had the Cardinals as his #1 team that could be/should be interested in Kolb. His stated price was a #1 pick in 2012 and a mid-rounder this year. If the Cards made that offer, I'd take that for sure. The Cardinals own the #5 overall pick this year, which is clearly more than they'd pay for Kolb, but could their second be in play? That would be the 37th overall pick, which is one spot below where the Eagles drafted him in 2007. Would the team think that's enough?


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