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The Linc - Juan Castillo & Why The "Cowboy Way" Is A Failure

Who is Juan Castillo? | National Football Post
A long time friend and Eagles fans talks about Juan Castillo.

Spagnuolo: Great move by Andy | Eagletarian | 02/04/2011
"When you’re putting together a (defensive) gameplan and want to pressure the quarterback, you find your way into the offensive line coach’s office and pick his brain. So Juan will already have that advantage."

Goodell says Vick's doing the 'right thing' - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"He is committed to doing the right thing going forward, and I think that's a great thing," said the commissioner. He said Vick had made a "horriffic mistake," but added that he'd paid the price for his involvement in dogfighting. "We're looking for success stories ... he paid a significant price, and now he's doing the right thing," said Goodell.

Didinger: The best Super Bowl moments of all time
Ray Didinger thinks David Tyree's reception in Super Bowl XLII is the best Super Bowl catch of all time. Here's more on that and other Super Bowl bests.

The 'Cowboy way' has become a failure - NFC East Blog - ESPN

Matt Mosely tears apart Jerry Jones' "Cowboy way" and debunks the absurd notion that "Jones is a great owner, but a terrible general manager."

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