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Dick Vermeil Gives Juan Castillo Vote Of Confidence

Former Eagles coach and Super Bowl winner Dick Vermeil was a guest on WIP this week to discuss the Eagles promotion of Juan Castillo from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator. Vermeil said after seeing Castillo work, he's confident Juan can do the job.

He’s a fine fine coach and a great teacher, and I’ve watched him work on the field, and Andy knows ... the kind of person he is, the kind of teacher he is, the kind of (attention) to detail he has, and the understanding he has of defense. Sometimes, you learn more about defense by coaching against defense. You’re confronted with all these problems, and he remembers all those things he hated, and that becomes part of his system."

Vermeil also explained that Juan wouldn't be the first guy to cross sides of the ball and be successful.

"One of the finest offensive coordinators ever in the National Football League, (Ernie Zampese), was a secondary coach, and (Chargers head coach) Don Coryell made him an offensive coach," Vermeil said. "Bill Walsh was a defensive coach in college. He coached secondary.

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