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Super Bowl Commercial Preview

Kim Kardashian will star in one of the more talked about ads
Kim Kardashian will star in one of the more talked about ads

People look forward to Super Bowl commercials almost as much as the game itself... in fact it seems like the female contingent among us might even look forward to them more. After the game, there's almost as many people on google searching for reviews of the commercials as are looking for recaps of the game. They're a big deal.

In fact, Super Bowl commercials have even become career revival vehicles. Betty White had faded into obscurity until Snickers put her in Super Bowl ad and she went on to have maybe the best year of her career. In fact, an Advertising Age writer says that this year's Snickers ad is the one to watch.

"Last year they had Betty White. This year they have Roseanne Barr," he said. "Maybe it will do for Roseanne what it did for Betty white, so that's one to watch."

Here's a preview of the Snickers Roseanne ad. Doritos crowd-sourced ads are always interesting. I like this Adam & Eve one... Motorola is going after Apple and the Ipad.And then of course Kim Kardashian is getting half naked for a Sketchers ad, which is probably going to be what everyone is talking about afterward. The Volkswagon mini Darth Vader ad is pretty funny and already online. One ad you won't see is the NFL Players association's "Let Us Play" ad.

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