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Juan Castillo: The American Dream

NFL Films did a feature on the life and career of new Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. Of course it's amazing and it's basically impossible to not believe in the guy's ability to accomplish pretty much anything he wants. His story is pretty much the American dream personified. The son of immigrants who saw sports as a way to improve the life of he and his family, and just worked his tail off to get where he is. There's some really great stuff in here from Jon Gruden, who talks about how Castillo hounded him at the combine until he recommended that Ray Rhodes hire him. He also also says that Juan was literally the only guy in the Eagles organization that would beat him to the stadium every day.

Andy Reid also recounts the great story he told yesterday about how Juan drove all the way to Green Bay and waited in his car in the parking lot of Lambeau stadium in December in hopes of meeting Andy, who at that point hadn't even gotten the Eagles job left. After his boss Ray Rhodes was fired, Juan wanted to be sure he stayed in Philadelphia and his extraordinary act was enough to make sure Andy kept him.

Also, you get to see Juan Castillo day in Port Isabel in Texas.

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