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Marcus Spears & Gerald Sensabaugh likely done in Dallas

Earlier today, the Redskins cut Clinton Portis, and now there are reports that the Cowboys are going to let Marcus Spears and Gerald Sensabaugh test the free agent waters, if free agency actually occurs.  Sensabaugh was signed by the Cowboys before the 2009 season and played well his first year in Dallas.  Then, like the rest of the Cowboys secondary in 2010, his play fell off despite posting a career high 5 interceptions.

Spears was a first round pick of the Cowboys in 2005, and never lived up to his potential.  If anyone (and this includes any Cowboys fans that may be reading) can name me one big play Spears made in his entire NFL career, please list it below in the comment section. (Cue the sound of crickets chirping).

The Cowboys likely decision to cut bait with Spears isn't a shock in the slightest, although I am moderately surprised that they reportedly don't even plan to make Sensabaugh an offer.  Even with his down year, Sensabaugh is at least an NFL starting-caliber safety on a team that doesn't currently have any others.

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