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Clinton Portis expects to be released today

The Clinton Portis era in DC is likely to end today.  This was an easy decision for the Redskins, as Portis played only 5 games in 2010, 8 in 2009, and is scheduled to make over $8 million in 2011.  He's 29 years old (which in running back years is more like 49), but it feels like he's been around much longer, probably because he came into the league very early at the age of 20.  Portis is just 77 yards away from 10,000 for his career, and is 26th in NFL history in rushing attempts with 2,230, which is remarkable for a player that's only 29 and missed (by my count) 33 games in his career.  He was always good for a weird quote (think "53 men's packages"), I always liked his various costumes, and of course his house with the stripper pole in the basement.

[Update by JasonB, 02/28/11 2:32 PM EST ] - He's officially been released

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