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NFC East Blogger Matt Mosley Leaves ESPN

For the past three NFL seasons, Matt Mosley has blogged about the NFC East for and today he announced that he's leaving the company. Mosley wouldn't say exactly where he's going, but did say that he's leaving to become a full time radio host in Dallas and a "general columnist" at an unnamed national website.

Although he's clearly more plugged into the Cowboys than any of the other teams and it often appeared that most of his reporting on the Eagles involved looking at and summarizing what those guys had written, I really did enjoy his take on things when he gave it. Despite his Dallas roots, I actually thought he was pretty even handed in his praise and criticisms of all the NFC East teams. If anything, I thought he was more harsh on the Cowboys than any of the other teams. I had a chance to have some short interactions with him at Eagles camp and found him to be a really likeable guy.

So it'll be interesting to see where he ends up and who replaces him on the NFC East blog. With the Daily News/Inquirer forcing their writers to take furloughs and other good Philly based writers on short term contracts, maybe we'll get lucky and one of those guys will move to ESPN and take over the NFC East blog.

[Note by JimmyK, 02/28/11 12:44 PM EST ] - I also had the opportunity to speak with Mosley when our paths crossed at various Eagles games, and I'll echo Jason's sentiments that he was an extremely likable person.  At the first game I ever covered from the press box (the Colts game this year), it was about an hour or two after the game had ended, and Mosley was sitting alone presumably finishing up his writeup on that game.  I approached him, and he completely stopped what he was doing to BS with me about the Eagles, Cowboys, my real job, etc, which is in stark contrast to some other folks I won't mention that have big-timed me.  I was wondering why I didn't see him at the Combine, but I guess this news would probably answer that.  Good guy, and was pretty even-handed in his analysis of the NFC East teams.

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