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The Linc - Kevin Kolb's Worth

If there's a market, there will be one for Eagles quarterback Kolb | Philadelphia Daily News | 02/28/2011
The question of whether Kevin Kolb should stay or go could end up being moot if the NFL's labor standoff results in a long lockout that goes into the summer or early fall. That would be unfortunate for Kolb, who desperately wants the opportunity to be a starter and isn't going to get it in Philly this year as long as Michael Vick is alive and well. And it would be unfortunate for the Eagles, who would have no difficulty getting a first-round pick for Kolb if they were able to trade him before the April draft.

How Much is Kevin Kolb Worth as a Backup? — McNabb or Kolb | Philadelphia Eagles Blog
One of the more frequently-argued points in favor of keeping Kevin Kolb for 2011 is the "We need him if/when Michael Vick gets injured" meme. The idea here is that Kolb could rescue the team’s Super Bowl hopes if Vick has to miss significant time, and that without him the Eagles would be dead in the water.

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It's been seven years since the Eagles drafted a corner back in the first three rounds. That must change. Could Miami's Brandon Harris be the answer? By Reuben Frank

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Developing a quarterback has become the elephant in the room in the NFL. There is no position in the league that more teams miss on in the NFL Draft than that position. Why developing QBs is so difficult

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