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Kevin Kolb A Hot Commodity At Combine

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According to CBS' Clark Judge, the most talked about QB at the NFL combine wasn't Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert, it was Kevin Kolb. After speaking with people all around the NFL this weekend, Judge firmly believes that not only is there heavy interest in Kolb around the league, but that the Eagles will likely get offers that match their lofty price.

He says that the Eagles aren't actively shopping Kolb, but teams are calling "eager" to make a deal. The weak QB draft class is what Judge attributes the extra interest in Kolb to. This begs the obvious question, what can they get for him?

"I guarantee you it will be high," said one coach. "The Eagles always shoot high."

In fact, Judge spoke to several teams who've heard there's a bidding war on for Kolb and expect the package for him to exceed what Houston paid for Matt Schaub from Atlanta. Ironically, Schaub was also Michael Vick's backup... Speaking of Vick, Judge also claims that the Eagles offered Vick up last offseason for a second round pick, but no team offered one so they kept him. 

But league sources seem to believe Philadelphia can and will get what it demands for Kolb, partly because he is proven, partly because he has a future and mostly because he's better than what's available in the draft.

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