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NFL Combine Results: Top 5 Quarterback 40 Times

The quarterbacks have finished running their 40 yard dashes and this class could very well be one of the fastest ever. Tyrod Taylor continued the tradition of incredibly fast Virginia Tech QBs(I assume you know the most famous) with the best time of the day at 4.45. While his time was impressive, Taylor was expected to be the fastest QB at the combine. The surprise of the QBs was Jake Locker, who posted the second best time of the day at 4.52. Cam Newton had the fifth fastest time at 4.58.

Taylor, who showed off WR/Corner speed has been asked whether he'd consider switching to WR, but so far he's said that he wants to stay at QB. Taylor's time was the second fastest at the combine in the last decade. Mike Mayock said of Taylor "The perception is that he can only be a scrambling quarterback. I think that’s a bit unfair to the kid."

Here are the top 5 QB times.

1. Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech: 4.45
2. Jake Locker, Washington: 4.52
3. Colin Kaepernick, Nevada: 4.53
4. Josh Portis, Cal U-Penn: 4.56
5. Cam Newton, Auburn: 4.58

It has been reported that Michael Vick's 40 time was 4.36.

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