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My exclusive interview with Dan Snyder and Mike Shanahan

I'm a lightweight.  I used to be able to put back beer after beer after beer with no problem.  Unfortunately, I'm now 33 years old, and my alcohol consumption is now 1-2 times per month instead of 4-5 times per week.  Last night I drank like I was 22.  I told Wade Phillips I thought he'd do a good job in Houston.  I woke up about an hour ago and I'm pretty sure I'm still a bit inebriated  I feel like I got hit by a bus.  My eyes are neon red.  The stink of Jager and Sam Adams is oozing out of my pores.  I'm wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday, and to top it off, I'm actually currently sitting next to John Clayton from ESPN.  It's a bad scene in JimmyK world (sorry for the Cam Newton-esque use of third person).  Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, I thought I'd pass along a transcript of the conversation I had at 1am with the Redskins brass (Mike Shanahan, Dan Snyder, Jim Haslett), who were all sitting at a table in the corner of an Indianapolis bar:

JimmyK: Hey Mike, I'm Jimmy.  I cover the Eagles... (Incoherent rambling).... Donovan McNabb... (incoherent rambling)... 2 and a 4... (Incoherent rambling about McNabb's contract)... Hey, where's Dan Snyder anyway?  I though he was sitting here.

Mike Shanahan: He's sitting right next to you.

JimmyK: Oh. (turns to Dan Snyder)... (incoherent rambling).  Do you know Jeffrey Lurie?

Dan Snyder:  Yes.

Mike Shanahan: Hey Jimmy, why don't you just leave?

JimmyK: Good idea.  Sorry.

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