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Jason Peters' Home Robbed

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CBS is reporting that burglars have broken into the home of Eagles pro bowl LT Jason Peters and made off with $60,000 worth of watches, jewelry and camera equipment. Peters had been away from his condo near Lincoln Financial Field since mid January and returned this week to find that it had been broken into. So obviously he was not present at the time of robbery, which is probably good news for the burglars considering this size of Peters... Clearly these idiots were at least smart enough to not break into the house when a 6-4, 340 pound tackle was present.

Several Eagles live at this condo complex, which is the same place where Broderick Bunkley had his place broken into in 2008. You may remember, that's where people started calling him "Desert Eagle" when his gun of the same name was stolen.

A neighbor told CBS, "This is just the place where they live when they’re playing and after that, they leave so they’re vulnerable. I would say that there is a little bit of concern because somebody knows they’re not there."

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