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NFL Combine: A Nice Description Of Nate Solder

There are parts of the NFL combine that one might call creepy. Others may call it homoerotic.. There's lot's of ways to describe it... You basically have a cattle call of young men parading in front of a bunch old dudes getting weighed and measure while the old guys takes notes on their physique. Jimmy K will undoubtedly be taking notes on who has the best bods at the combine this weekend as well...

But that's only creepy if you take it in a certain context... Some guys, like former Colorado position coach Denver Johnson just take it a step farther. Here he is talking about offensive tackle Nate Solder.

"You can't watch this guy work out and not say, 'Wow,' " Johnson said. "I mean, I slapped him on the ass out there one day and I've got a quarter horse in Tennessee that doesn't have an ass on him like that. He's just a physically gifted guy and a smart guy, and just a good, good person."

That's just... amazing. We actually have video of the interview after the jump.

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