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Greatest Football Movie Of All Time Tourney Round 1: The Replacements Vs Leatherheads

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After Little Giants easily dispatched with Big Fan, we have nearly reached the halfway point of the first round. The last matchup in the current region is the #5 vs #6 matchup. We've got "The Replacements" vs "Leatherheads." Keanu Reeves vs George Clooney. Both are primarily comedies and are relatively new, so it should make for a good game.The big difference is that they deal with completely different eras of football. While Replacements deals with the modern era, Leatherheads goes back to the very beginning of pro football.

The Replacements - During a pro football strike, the owners hire substitute players. Gene Hackman is the coach, while Keanu Reeves is the washed up former college star living on a boat and looking for one last shot... There's also a sumo wrestler on the o-line, a British kicker, and a deaf tight end. Oh and apparently when football players go on strike, so do the cheerleaders. This movie may also hold the record for the most music montages in a film.

Leatherheads - In 1925, an enterprising pro football player convinces America's too-good-to-be-true college football hero to play for his team and keep the league from going under. It stars George Clooney and Jim from The Office. Funny enough, the Replacements has Roy from The Office in it....

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