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Eagles GM Howie Roseman On Brandon Graham

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Eagles GM Howie Roseman spoke publicly this week for the first time in almost six months. Bob Q picked over some of his comments about the corner situation yesterday, but I was interested in what he had to say about Brandon Graham. As a guy the Eagles moved up high in the first round to get, Graham is expected to be a major piece of this defense for years to come. The prospect of having two really good defensive ends to compliment one another is something that had us all excited last offseason.

Unfortunately things didn't work out that way. Not that Graham didn't show some promise, but we really didn't get too see a lot of him thanks to an ankle injury followed by a season ending knee injury... oh and the bizarre decision from Sean McDermott to play him at defensive tackle for a good number of snaps...

Roseman said that after watching him on tape when he was healthy, he's still high on Graham.

"I went back and watched Brandon when he was 100 percent, and he's got really an incredible talent. He can get off the ball, this defensive scheme that we now have in here fits him. If you ask Jim Washburn about the best defensive ends in last year's draft, he says Brandon Graham. He saw him the same way we did. He's been incredibly productive wherever he's been. I thought he was dominant in training camp -- that's part of being a rookie, that's part of kind of growing up in this league is the season's a little bit longer, you have to feel what you can play through and what you can't play through, But he has the tools to be a really good defensive for us."

For Roseman's comments on Graham's recovery and prognosis for next season, click after the jump.

"I think I’d be insincere to tell you I know where Brandon will be in August right now, but I know what kind of work ethic Brandon Graham has, I know what kind of competitor Brandon Graham is, and I know what kind of training staff and doctors we have, so whatever is the best possible situation for a player to be in, Brandon Graham will be in that situation, I’m confident of that.

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