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Ellis Hobbs May Not Be Retiring After All

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Ever since he re-injured his neck this season, all signs pointed to CB Ellis Hobbs hangin em up and not risking further injury to a pretty sensitive part of the body. ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown even did a feature on Hobbs and his neck surgery talking about how he was going to retire... But as we've seen many times, when they take more time to think most pro athletes decided they may not be ready to give it up.

So after even more reports surfaced this weekend that Hobbs was going to formally announce his retirement, the corner texted the Eagles website to say "I have not made any decisions."

Les Bowen got a similar response form Hobbs.

"No!" Hobbs said yesterday, as a reporter started to explain that he was calling about weekend reports saying Hobbs definitely will retire. "I haven't done anything. I'm just relaxing."

Whether or not Hobbs tries a comeback probably won't have a whole lot of effect on the Eagles, since his contract here has expired.