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Is Dimitri Patterson Finished in Philadelphia?

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed that there hasn't been a whole lot of love for Dimitri Patterson out there lately. With Patterson's contract coming to an end this year, I recently speculated that he might be re-signed, but returned to his former position as a special teams gunner, a role in which he had previously excelled. However, GM Howie Roseman's interview with today seems to indicate otherwise. When asked about the right cornerback position, Roseman responded:

We're going to add competition all along the defense and I think cornerback is one of those positions. We have a couple of free agents. Ellis [Hobbs], obviously...and then Dimitri's a free agent, so we're losing two guys from that corner position.

Now, keep in mind that that's not a definite death sentence for the former rookie free agent. Roseman did later backtrack and say that Patterson has not yet been signed to a new contract, so he - along with all of the team's other free agents - is not part of the picture right now. However, it's hard to believe that the Eagles would want back a guy that allowed an average of 15 yards on deep throws. Rookie Colt Anderson has already more than adequately assumed Patterson's old role of gunner - a role which should be left to a young, developmental guy with an upside, not a 27 year old failed starter. It looks to me like Patterson is set to become yet another casualty of the Great Defensive Purge of '11.