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Greatest Football Movie Of All Time Tourney Round 1: Any Given Sunday Vs Gridiron Gang


In our last matchup on Friday, #1 seeded The Blind Side easily bested Paper Lion to advance in to the sweet 16. Today, we actually have a change in the seedings. I decided to bump Gridiron Gang to a 5 seed and promote The Replacements to a #3. So that makes our #4 vs #4 matchup in this region between Any Given Sunday and Gridiron Gang.

Any Given Sunday is a film directed by Oliver Stone starring Al Pacino which depicts a fictional pro football team. It's an extreme depiction of the NFL lifestyle with players throwing crazy parties, drug use, inflated egos, crazy owners... Plus, it has "Steamin" Willie Beamen!

Gridiron Gang, for those who haven't seen it, was on FX all weekend. In fact, they even showed it this morning. So hopefully caught it. I actually watched it for the time today.. It stars The Rock and is based on a true story of the Kilpatrick Mustangs, which was a team made up of inmates at a youth correctional facility.

After the jump is the trailer for Gridiron Gang and Al Pacino's great halftime speech from Any Given Sunday.

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