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Rumor: Eagles Looking For A First Round Pick Plus "Something Else" For Kevin Kolb

National Football Post's Dan Pompeii reported this morning on what he hears is the Eagles asking price for Kevin Kolb this offseason. He says the Eagles have "put out the word" that they're looking for a first round pick "and something else" for Kolb. He speculates that the "something else" could be a third round pick.

Pompeii says that the Eagles are notoriously tough negotiators, so most teams aren't expecting the price to drop. Of course, his report comes with the same caveat they all have this offseason... which is that nothing is going to happen until the CBA is figured out. The labor situation is an especially big obstacle when it comes to trades. If a new CBA doesn't get done by the time the draft rolls around, then players can't be traded for picks. When you consider that for the most part, all any teams wants for a player in trade is picks... you can see the problem. The Eagles could always decide to deal Kolb for picks in 2012, but if that were the case they might just prefer to hang on to him for a year and maybe use a tag (if such a thing exists in the new CBA) to control his rights.

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