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Howard Mudd Named Eagles Offensive Line Coach

Understandably buried under the news that the Eagles had hired their offensive line coach to run their defense, was the man who hired to replace him on the line, Howard Mudd. Mudd has long been considered one of the better offensive line coaches in the NFL and brings 36 years of experience with him. During his 11 years in charge of the Colts offensive line, no team in the NFL allowed less sacks. Mudd was also a great NFL player making three pro bowls and being named the NFL's All decade team of the 1960s.

Mudd is a long time friend of new Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn. There's little doubt that the chance to work with his friend and longtime rival helped lure Mudd out of retirement. For more on the relationship between Mudd and Washburn, check out this NFL Films feature.

So while it may be tough to figure out what the Eagles strategy is by hiring Juan Castillo to run the defense, it's pretty clear what they're doing along the line. They went out and got arguably the two best position coaches in the business, which is certainly a positive.

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