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Eagles Promote Offensive Line Coach Juan Castillo To Defensive Coordinator

I honestly thought this was some sort of twitter hoax... until the confirmation came on my phone from the Eagles. The team has promoted long time offensive line coach Juan Castillo to the position of defensive coordinator and hired legendary former Colts offensive line Howard Mudd to replace Castillo on offense.

First, Howard Mudd as offensive line coach? Wow. Amazing hire. Could not be more impressed with that.

Second, Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator? Aside from playing linebacker in college, Castillo has very limited experience on the defensive side of the ball and has been coaching offense for the past 21 years. For 14 of those, he's been the Eagles offensive line coach.

He does actually have 3 years of defense coordinator experience... at the high school level. I honestly don't know what to say. It will be fascinating to hear how Andy Reid explains this hire. If the Eagles were looking for a guy with more experience than McDermott, they certainly got that... apparently it just doesn't matter what the experience was in.

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