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What If The Superbowl Were A Soccer Match?

I wish I knew who made these, but I just found a random link to these mock ups of what NFL teams would look like if they played soccer.

Ghbfm_medium Kd8tj_medium

I have to say, the first Packers jersey is kinda cool. The rest are... not. Whoever made these did a bunch more, but no Eagles. [Note by JasonB, 02/01/11 10:03 PM EST ] They were made by Jimmy Nutini Designs, who are promising to make more.

Of course, if the teams were playing soccer than the game would be a "match" and the field would be a "pitch," but they could still call it football!

I noticed that all jerseys have sponsors on the front, most of which are locally connected. So if they made an Eagles jersey with a sponsor, who would make sense?

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