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Joe Banner Feels Bad For Donovan McNabb

There was one thing from Joe Banner's media blitz this week that I had forgotten to mention, his thoughts on Donovan McNabb's struggles in Washington. He says that the Redskins' treatment of McNabb makes him "uncomfortable."

"I like and care for Donovan," Banner told 610 WIP. "So I felt there were some moments there that, frankly, I felt really uncomfortable with. I mean, I don't really want to be in the position of bashing the Redskins. And there's obviously a lot you don't know when you're not on the inside."

He says that the relationship between QB and coach in DC is cringeworthy.

"There were just moments there that you just kind of cringed a little bit. You felt for him in how the whole thing was handled."

When even Joe Banner, who some on this site claimed has no actual soul, feels bad for you... you know things must be bad.

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