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Poll: Would You Take A Chance On Bob Sanders?

In 2007, Bob Sanders was named NFL defensive player of the year and had a fresh five-year, $37.5 million contract in his pocket. Today, he's unemployed. The Colts announced today that they released the former pro bowler after three straight injury prone seasons. After his fantastic 2007, Sanders managed to play in only 9 games over the next three seasons.

Sanders, who hails from Erie, PA, just turned 30 years old and should really be in the prime of his career. If talent was the only factor here, he'd be the most sought after commodity on the market this offseason... but unfortunately it isn't. In the past three seasons Sanders has had multiple knee operations, surgery to both biceps, his shoulder, and elbow. It would almost be easier to list the body part he hasn't injured.

Sanders is now an unrestricted free agent and is free to sign with any team until the current CBA expires on March 3rd. He was making $6 million a year with the Colts, so obviously he'll be taking a pay cut and will likely only find an incentive laden deal out there. Would he be worth the Eagles taking a shot on? Especially with Quintin Mikell possibly moving on this offseason with a pair of sophomores likely to be starting at safety?

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