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Greatest Football Movie Of All Time Tourney Round 1: The Longest Yard Vs Necessary Roughness

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In what I think was a fairly shocking upset in the last round, the classic North Dallas Forty was beaten soundly by the inspirational newcomer We Are Marshall. I'm not sure if that was because everyone was biased against a Cowboys movie or because it was before the time of many of you.. but it was a surprise. This time around, we've got two older movies, so in case you haven't seen them, you ought to try to check out at least one before voting. Here's the rest of the bracket, so do some homework and start watching ahead.

Burt Reynolds stars in the #2 seeded "The Longest Yard" which was made in the 1974 (we're not talking about the Sandler update) and has been called by Bill Simmons "the greatest football movie ever made."

It takes on Scott Bakula's "Necessary Roughness" which follows the tale of 34 year old Paul Blake who is recruited to play QB for an awful local college team with no scholarships to give out. Check out the trailer for this after the jump as well as a featurette on "The Longest Yard."